About Us

We are a bunch of professionals doing architectural jobs

We here at Tom Craig Remodeling and Building believe that the elevator is out of order, it always has been. We understand that we have to take the stairs and climb them one step at a time in order to get to the top.

We also understand and believe that with integrity, honesty, committment, consistency and a burning desire to keep learning, improving and exceeding our customer's expectations that we will... "See You at the Top"

Our Partner


Prepares detailed drawings of Architectural Designs and plans for your project, according to your specifications. Prepares layout diagrams to ensure an accurate interpretation of our customers project. Tom creates budgets for each project, personally walks all pertinent paperwork and drawings through the permitting process. He understands Wind Mitigation Methodologies, how to prevent Mold in New Construction, Building for Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficient Ventilation, and so much more

Craig-Vice President

Makes personal contact with every perspective customer. Travels to each project location, gathers all pertinent information pertaining to your project and captures an architectural design of the project before and the project after with the customer. He will do an achitectural schematic of the existing project if necessary and a drawing of the finished project with the customer. To ensure that there is no guess work, in prepared finished drawings, specifications and cost estimating all the specifications are gathered, such as colors, floor covering, wall finishes, ceiling heights, lighting etcetera.

Our Work

Meat Our Team

Tom Drunasky of TomCraig Remodeling & Building, New Port Richey, Florida


Craig Mountain - TomCraig Remodeling & Building, New Port Richey, Florida


Vice President

We believe in giving back to our Community

  • Veteran's Action Project
  • National Right to Work Committee
  • West Pasco Habitat for Humanity
  • Concerned Women of America
  • Christian Action Network
  • Life Legal Defense Foundation - Planned Parenthood
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Hospice